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Cybersecurity Tip: Mail Theft and Check Fraud

Four Quick Tips to Help Prevent Mail Theft and Check Fraud

In today's digital age, it's easy to assume that fraud is predominantly cyber-based. However, check fraud remains the largest source of fraud in the United States.

The most common method of initiating check fraud is through mail theft. Fraudsters steal legitimate checks out of mailboxes to either cash them directly or to utilize as templates to produce multiple counterfeit checks. Mail theft can range from simply pulling mail out of unattended mailboxes to brazen acts such as breaking into locked USPS mail drop locations. Though it's difficult to prevent mail from being stolen, there are still ways to protect yourself.

1. Pay electronically when possible.

When possible, use electronic payment methods to both increase your security and speed up the payment process. Using fewer checks means fewer opportunities for checks to be stolen.

WNB Financial's Bill Pay provides a fast and easy way to pay your bills online. You can set up recurring payments (monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly) or individual payments up to 90 days in advance.

Learn more about Bill Pay

2. Empty your mailbox often.

Avoid letting mail build-up in your mailbox. For mail thieves, the more envelopes there are in a mailbox, the more likely there's something worth stealing. If you'll be away for an extended period, have your mail held, forwarded, or have a friend pick it up regularly to prevent build-up.

eStatements are a great resource to reduce the risk of mail theft. When your statement is ready to view, we’ll send an email notification letting you know that your statement is ready to be safely and securely accessed through WNB Digital. 

3. Utilize certified mail when relevant.

Depending on the payment, mailing a check may be unavoidable. In these circumstances, utilizing certified mail can ensure the check makes it into the right hands.

4. Monitor your accounts.

Though this doesn't directly prevent theft from occurring, keeping a close eye on your accounts will allow you to identify and dispute fraudulent items before they can fully impact your accounts.

WNB Digital for mobile gives you access to your accounts 24/7 through the mobile app. With the WNB Digital app, you can view:

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